What’s The Best Camera Phone for Photographers this 2015?

smartphoneEvery time we think of upgrading our phone, we always ask ourselves “what is the best smartphone today?” Since we have a fast-paced technology, the newly released phone we bought a couple of months ago might not be the best phone today. Phone manufacturers certainly have ways of enticing consumers to buy new or additional phones by offering special features that can make their brand stand out.

This year 2015, there are several phones that really stand out among the flock of models being offered and marketed everywhere. Your choice will of course depend on your needs, taste and personality. If you are a professional photography or a simple photo hobbyist, then check out the smartphone’s camera features. On the other hand, if you are always on the phone making calls, know the technical specifications of the phone particularly the battery life.

For those who are looking for a smartphone with an amazing camera, we have listed here some of the best smartphone cameras. Hopefully, this can help you decide on what brand to buy.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is considered by many mobile phone reviewers as the best smartphone camera today. This phone has an incredible 16MP BSI CMOS sensor which produces really sharp images.

Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy S6 has impressive features like phase-detection autofocus, image stabilization and face detection. The phone works well in low light environment because of its large aperture and fast lens at f/1.9. The camera of Samsung S6 is always in standby mode which makes it easier for users to take a shot as needed. They can just double-click the home button to launch

Apple iPhone 6

Needless to say, Apple Inc. always makes products that impress many consumers. Among their most recent release is the Apple iPhone 6 (along with iPhone 6 Plus). The Apple iPhone 6 has an amazingly fast focus feature that makes it a great camera for snapping moving objects.

You can bring it with you when watching a football, basketball or any action game and snap it right at the moving player. You will be amazed by the sharp image you get.

Apple iPhone 6 can also capture astounding images in low light and can spot a face even in dim light because of its remarkable face detection feature. This Kent wedding photographer can attest that this is true.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

This Samsung model is best known for its waterproofing feature. You can amazingly shoot underwater using its mechanical shutter button. So, if you enjoy water activities and would like to capture these special moments then this is the right smartphone for you.

Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3 is not as fast as iPhone 6 and Samsung S6 and the images you get are not as sharp as those you see from an iPhone 6 Plus or LG G4. But then, the wonderful thing about Sony Xperia Z3 is its ability to take shots underwater. It has a camera shutter button that a user can press to take pictures. Moreover, it has an impressive battery life which is important when continuously taking pictures.


LG G4 has a 16 megapixel camera with a lens aperture of f/1.8 and resolution of 5312×2988. With a high resolution and sensor you can get a more detailed and clearer image. Another good thing about LG G4 is its long battery life.

Battery life is important when shooting a lot so you don’t have to worry about getting battery empty when photographing an important occasion. Wedding photographer surrey surely agrees with this. With LG G4, you can easily take plenty of pictures on an event. Lastly, the LG G4 has a wonderful, ergonomic design making it easy to hold and grip.

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