Seven Quick Tips to Better Pet Photography

pet photographyMost of us treat our pets a part of our family. We love, care, and provide them their needs. Some of us even consider them like our own children to the extent that we do special things for them like celebrate their birthday.

You will also notice that more and more families are habitually taking pictures of their pets. Some even make it more special by hiring a professional photographer to capture images of their beloved pet. This opens a great opportunity for professional photographers to offer a special photography service which is now considered as pet photography.

While it may be similar to wildlife photography wherein animals are mostly photographed, pet photography appears to be more fun and with less pressure on the part of the photographer. A pet photographer does not have to travel to places to take pictures. He/she just needs to get the attention of pet owners so they will hire him/her for the job.

For those who are new to pet photography and unsure on how to best take awesome shots of these animals, then here are some quick tips that you can easily follow.

  1. Use natural light

If possible, shoot in a location where natural light from the sun is available. The natural light can reveal the real beauty of the pet unlike when you use a flash which usually produces dark spots and shadows on the subject.

Most pets, also, dislike light from flashes and may react violently to it. If you are going to shoot indoors, move the curtain to allow the light to get in. If the light is too bright, use a thin fabric to diffuse or lessen it. If you are going to shoot outdoors, suggest to the pet owner to have the pictorial early morning or late afternoon so the light is not too harsh.

  1. Get to know the pet’s attitude

Pet are like humans with different personalities. Some are nice while others may react violently to strangers. Make sure you get the necessary information from the pet owner and have the owner stay all throughout the shoot in case the pet becomes unruly. Even photographers who are into lifestyle photography always try to gather info about their model/subject before doing the shoot.

  1. Be patient

Pets are sometimes like small kids who easily get distracted and may sometimes misbehave. You can to be patient with them and expect that some shoots may take longer than the others. There are pets like dogs who love toys so you can bring some safe toys or props to help make the pet settle down. There are cute squeaky toy that many pets love because of the sound it produces.

  1. Focus on the eyes

Like in portrait photography, being able to capture an image of the pet with eyes staring on the camera is surely great. Try to get the attention of the pet and the set focus on the eyes. The pet owner will surely appreciate getting a picture of his/her pet with expressive eyes showing real emotions.

  1. Plan the shoot ahead

Your clients will surely love it if you can make their pet’s photo shoot unique or more personalized. Think of suitable shots, angles, or even a location that can make the pictorial different and you can produce more brilliant, distinctive photos.

  1. Choose the right time

The best time to take photos of pets is when they are sleepy or have just woken up from. They are more behaved and so you can easily capture great shots. Suggest to the pet owners what times are best to take shots.

  1. Bring a zoom lens and fast camera

A fast camera can help you capture moments even when your subject is on the move. Since pets generally love to move then you can set your camera to continuous shoot mode or adjust the shutter speed. You should also consider bringing a zoom lens so you can zoom in and take shots event from a distance.

Pet photography is fun and can be easy to do if you just totally prepare yourself for each photo shoot.

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