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Visiting Hawaii – 5 Sites You Must Visit and Photograph

visiting hawaiiDo you plan to go to Hawaii anytime soon? Are you going there with your family and friends? Or are you traveling alone on a nature trip with hopes of capturing spectacular views? Well, if you are visiting Hawaii soon, you must know first the best tourist spots to go so you can make the most of your time.

Hawaii offers a lot of scenic spots that are worth shooting and sharing with friends. You can find nice beaches, wonderful landscapes as well as interesting active volcanoes.

Hawaii also has great weather which makes it a wonderful choice when planning for a vacation. Best vacation months are April, May, September and October because the weather is warmer on these times.

For photographers wanting to view and capture images of Hawaiian tourist spots, you will surely find pleasure in visiting these 5 sites. Kent Wedding Photographer James has been in Hawaii and he loves it a lot. If you are with someone, you can have him/ her walk around the volcano then take captivating pictures.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a wonderful spot to take pictures because of the breathtaking views the park has to offer. When you visit this place you can get near some active volcanoes and take photos of this enthralling scenery.

This Volcanoes National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hawaii which was founded in 1916. You can find here the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea, which attracted millions of visitors in Hawaii. For adventuresome traveler, you would love to hike or camp near these mountains then photograph the wonderful volcanic landscape.

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park, known as “house of the sun”, is another Hawaiian destination that is worth visiting and taking pictures. This national park is found on the highest part of Maui. Some things to do here are hiking and horseback riding. Haleakala National Park is also the home to some endangered species and if you are lucky enough you will be able to photograph these endangered species.

Hana Road

If you want to go on a road trip and take pictures along the way, a good choice is to drive through Hana Road. You get fascinating views of forests, oceans and a lot more. You should stop and have a look around the town and get to know their wonderful Hawaiian culture.

Waimea Canyon

A world-class spot that tourists always visit when in Hawaii is the Waime Canyon The Waimea Canyon is also known the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. You can surely take pictures of its breathtaking mountain view as the fascinating waterfalls. The canyon is approximately 10 miles long and 3,600 feet deep. Hikers will surely love hiking in Waimea Canyon while photographers will definitely get plenty of amazing views to shoot here.

Waikiki, Oahu

Waikiki offers a lot of wonderful beaches, hotels and resorts which is the reason it is considered a home to “Hawaiian Royalty”. Waikiki is a lively neighborhood making it a great place to meet up with friends for some drinks and dancing. It is definitely a must to take pictures of Waikiki during your stay so you will always remember the good experiences you had here. Hampshire wedding photographer Rowan Watts surely wants to come back to Waikiki.

There are many breathtaking scenic spots that you can find in Hawaii. Hawaii is not only a wonderful vacation place but also one of the best places to capture amazing pictures.

Understanding the different lighting patterns we use in the studio

I was assisting a big name photographer in the studio today and he was very precise in his use of lighting and it was almost like having a masterclass in photography lighting.  For commercial reasons I can’t say who I was working with but let’s say he is a biggy!

His lighting was very very classical – normally a lot of the fashion guys I work with have very simple lighting setup and are more focused on the posing and styling of the model – today things were very different – he had me adjusting lighting all over the place to get the exact look he was achieving, so I though I would share his techniques and terms here:-

Fill light – this is the light we use to fill in the shadows and he was working with a lighting ratio of 2 to 1 meaning his shadows were 1 stop darker that his main light -so quite soft/grey shadows, but still giving great muscle and cheek bone definition

Key light – this si the main light that give direction to the shot and defines the lighting pattern itself.

Accent light or rim lights – typically these would be used to add an accent to a model’s hair or give some separation of the model’s clothing from the background

Rembrandt Lighting pattern – this is the famous lighting pattern taught to studio photographers world-wide – the key light is 45 degrees to the left or right and above the model – resulting in a triangular nose shadow – named after the famous painter

Butterfly lighting – this is where the key light is positioned directly in line with the models nose and above her so that the tip of the nose casts a small butterfly-shaped shadow between the bottom of the nose and the lip (see the image below)


I was inspired to go and look around the web at photographers who exploit beautiful lighting and I came across the website of Sussex Wedding Photographer Barry Page – his work which you can find on his website at is lovely and he really uses classical lighting well – I recommend having a look.

So here’s a challenge for you my lovely readers – go an study the work of Rembrandt on the web – look at how he used light in his paintings and try and emulate that in your studio shoots this week.

OMG – The Apple Watch – I so want one NOW!

Fashion meets technology – I want one! I will be pre-ordering one of these at the stroke of midnight on April 10th!

Update: So I’ve ordered one! Stainless Steel 42mm with a Milanese Loop – fingers crossed it will be here on the 24th!

Discovering the World of Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is a field of expertise that requires real talent and practice. Although it is not defined by boundaries, the ability to captivate moments and transform them into still photos is developed when one is seriously determined to deliver messages about life and its details. Any photograph that does not hold any deeper message is less artistic.

Portrait photography focuses on an individual’s face, and requires fewer extras—just people looking at their best. And because there are lesser details when it comes to portrait photography, it is important to take the best shots in order to deliver stunning pictures. There is no need for beautiful sunsets and flowers—just the captivating face of a person framed in a still photo.

Portrait Photography TipsHere are a few beautiful portrait photography ideas that we use in the studio you can also use:

1. Framing.

Framing your subject, whether an entire face or an element of a face, is an effective technique that attracts attention towards whatever you want to highlight within your photo.

You can use a window, a doorway, or any thing that will look like a frame—even the hands of the subject.

2. Use wide-angle lenses.

Wide-angle lens enable you to take more memorable portrait photography. You can play and be creative with your shots, as those taken with wide focal lengths can be experimented with different artistic distortions. You can also take better portrait photos as you include dramatic settings in your framing by using wide-angle lens.

3. Choose different backgrounds.

Depending on the mood of the portrait photo, you can choose the most appropriate background that will emphasize or improve your output. Backgrounds can be minimalistic or dramatic and colorful, depending on what you want.

4. Take shots from different angles.

Portrait photography is not limited to horizontal and vertical framings. You can hold your camera by using a different angle in order to take a more dramatic shot. A diagonal angle makes a photo more fun and exciting.

5. Experiment with out of focus shots.

Deviate from the usual—experiment with unfocused shots in order to deliver more drama to your photo. You can focus on a different subject other than the person in your photo.

6. Show movements.

You can capture a movement in a still photo and make a story out of it. You can focus on your main subject and let the others on the background move in their normal pace.

7. Try out different facial expressions.

Serious or happy—extreme emotions make up wonderful portrait photos. Depending on what you want to achieve, play with your subject’s facial expressions.

There are a lot more things and techniques that you can experiment with when it comes to portrait photography. With the rise of taking selfies in today’s highly technological world, people have discovered a variety of styles that make portrait photographs more fun and creative. The point is to discover things that will allow you to bring out the best in all subjects by using different styles and ideas. There are no limits, so take your chances and see improving results as you see what suits you best and learn from your own experience.

There are lots more tips on portrait photography here –

Now having read all that – go watch a master at work:-


Buying a new expensive camera isn’t that kind of big deal compared to cheaper and old ones. As long as the device works and is taken care of, there is more quality than the price itself. To get started, you can take these tips as a start to explore your newly bought camera with you.

1. DON’T EVER IGNORE THE USER’S MANUAL – Using the user’s manual at first is really handy when handling your new camera. Aside from holding all of the device’s features, here you will also know how the equipment should be taken care of, it’s limitation and it’s functions.

2. EXPLORE AND EXPERIMENT ON YOUR OWN – Now that you get a hold of your new camera, you can explore things on your own and be creative as you can be. You can watch tutorials online regarding what kind of model you are having. You can then combine the techniques and bring out the best potential your camera can bring and make it your very best partner.


Once you’ve got as many shots as you can, you must then take time to compare the shots taken. This is the way what point your device works best at its best and where it’s rocking the scene. Remember, use no editing and other image enhancing softwares. Try to be natural and rely on the ingenuity  of your product.

Those are just simple tips, but you can watch the video below for another tips on how to take and capture the best portraits of all time. Enjoy!