iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy Edge – What’s the Best Smartphone for Photographers

iphone and samsungToday, smartphones are widely utilized by many people in taking photographs. No matter what level of expertise and knowledge in photography one has, a smartphone camera can surely help in get the amazing shots you want.

Two of the giant manufacturers of smartphones are Samsung and Apple. Both companies offer a wide range of smartphone models ranging from the simplest to the more complex and sophisticated models.

These two companies compete in producing smartphones that cater to many people’s needs. And because the camera of a phone is considered the top-rated and widely used feature, these 2 companies are battling it out on which phone has the best camera.

Apple’s iPhone 6 is now being pitted against Samsung Galaxy Edge in winning the crown as the best smartphone for photography. Both amateur and professional photographers, like essex wedding photographer, have clashing opinions on which one offers the best photo editing features, filters, effects and a lot more.

If you are planning to buy a high end smartphone for the main purpose of getting high resolution images in any given situation, then you should choose between iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Edge. The question now is which of the two is better?

To help you decide, we will describe each camera and will later compare and give you a verdict on which one is better.

Samsung Galaxy Edge Basic Specs:

  • 16MP rear wide angle camera
  • 5mp front wide angle
  • Octa-core Exynos processor
  • Modes: Panorama, Selective Focus and Virtual shots, Fast and slow motio
  • 6.99 mm thick, 138g weight
  • Clear, sharp display
  • Metal and glass body with curves at the top and bottom

Special Features:

  1. Image stabilization system to avoid blurry images
  2. Standby mode to easily take snapshots
  3. 43% larger pixels for sharper images
  4. Real time HDR where 3 photos are taken at different exposures
  5. Fewer menus for a clean, organized look
  6. Well-organized albums by sorting pictures by date, people only, docs only and otehr options.
  7. Functions well even in low light.
  8. Videos and photos can be right away edited on phone.
  9. Improved fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 6 Basic Specs

  • 99 mm thick
  • 8 MP rear camera
  • 2 MP camera
  • 4.7” screen
  • Retina HD Display
  • weighs 129 grams

Special Features:

  1. Phase detection
  2. Easy and smooth integration with other Apple products for sinking in of data across all platforms
  3. Effortless viewing of notifications to know if there’s something urgent to reply to.
  4. Immediate access to software updates.
  5. Strong build, slick and first-rate design
  6. Much improved face detection and image stabilization

COMPARISON: iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Edge

Shooting in Low Light:

Samsung Galaxy Edge shoots better in low-light conditions than an iPhone 6. Being able to shoot in low-light is very important for professional wedding photographers like Wedding photographers Northampton

Shooting moving subjects:

iPhone 6 is better for taking shots of moving objects or when shooting in a game.

Front and rear camera:

Vote goes to Samsung Galaxy Edge because its front and rear cameras are much better and higher than iPhone 6.


Samsung Galaxy Edge can charge faster than iPhone6. It will only take about an hour and a half for the phone to be fully charged. iPhone needs to be charged up to about 3 hrs to reach  a 100%.

Better Technoloy:

Samsung Galaxy Edge uses a wireless charging technology which is modern while iPhone 6 still follows the standard/ common technology.

Both smartphones have indeed amazing camera features that users will definitely love but the better smart phone for us is Samsung Galaxy Edge! It is worth every penny you spend for it.

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