Buying a new expensive camera isn’t that kind of big deal compared to cheaper and old ones. As long as the device works and is taken care of, there is more quality than the price itself. To get started, you can take these tips as a start to explore your newly bought camera with you.

1. DON’T EVER IGNORE THE USER’S MANUAL – Using the user’s manual at first is really handy when handling your new camera. Aside from holding all of the device’s features, here you will also know how the equipment should be taken care of, it’s limitation and it’s functions.

2. EXPLORE AND EXPERIMENT ON YOUR OWN – Now that you get a hold of your new camera, you can explore things on your own and be creative as you can be. You can watch tutorials online regarding what kind of model you are having. You can then combine the techniques and bring out the best potential your camera can bring and make it your very best partner.


Once you’ve got as many shots as you can, you must then take time to compare the shots taken. This is the way what point your device works best at its best and where it’s rocking the scene. Remember, use no editing and other image enhancing softwares. Try to be natural and rely on the ingenuity  of your product.

Those are just simple tips, but you can watch the video below for another tips on how to take and capture the best portraits of all time. Enjoy!

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