Best Ways to Take Care of Your Tripod

tripod careTime might come that your very useful and dependable tripod suddenly malfunctions. The legs might become wobbly, the position gets unbalanced or the lock easily loosens up. This might worry you especially if your tripod is quite expensive.

Well, you don’t need to fret because most tripods these days are easy to trouble shoot and maintain. Simple tripod problem can be fixed on your own, no need for a technician to do the job. But then, if you really want to avoid encountering these problems it is best to take good care of your tripod.

Tripods are expected to last longer than DSLR cameras and lenses.  Some heavy duty tripods can even last for a lifetime if properly used and maintained by the user. If you want your tripod to last long, then follow these ways on how to properly care and maintain it.

  1. Read the manual

The initial step to caring for your tripod is to read the manual that goes with it upon purchase. Understand how to assemble, disassemble, adjust and use it. It is important to note how the locks, legs must be adjusted to avoid under doing or over doing it. Each brand and model of tripod is different so it is best to read the manual and get the right info.

  1. Clean after using outdoors

When used during outdoor photo shoots, a tripod tends to get dirty due to dust, mud or moisture in the surrounding. Make sure to clean it with a mild cleaner on a cloth or paper towel after using. Remove all dirt and make sure it is already free from foreign materials before storing it. If you don’t clean it right away, dust and dirt get accumulated and it can affect the locking mechanism and stability of the tripod.

  1. Store it a clean, dry place

The case as well as the storage area of your tripod as well as other photography equipment must be clean. A tripod that often gets exposed to water will tend to rust and its mechanism will not function in the long run. Check on your tripod once in a while especially if you don’t often use it. Schedule also a day for you to apply some oil on your tripod to prevent it from rusting. wedding photographer kent does this from time to time.

  1. Remove the metal plate from camera after use

We all know that when we are using a tripod we have to manually secure its metal plate first to the camera before attaching it to the tripods head. Unfortunately there are some instances that we forget to remove the plate from the camera after the shoot or sometimes we misplace it. This can be an added cost thus it is important to remove the plate right after use and store it in the right place.

  1. Check legs every now and then

Find time to check on each of your tripod’s legs especially if you notice that it is somehow stiff. Unscrew the lock, check for unwanted materials and remove them. At times, check for presence of lubricant to avoid damage to the tripod. Photographers of cheshire wedding photography really take good care of their tripods.

If it really necessary to replace some parts, make sure you get the original or correct replacement. With proper care and maintenance, your tripod will really work well and can last for a lifetime.

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