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5 Important Things to Consider in Food Photography

food photography tipsHave you noticed how food can look appetizing in the actual but less mouthwatering in pictures? Well, this usually happens when the photo shooter has no knowledge in food photography.

In food photography, a professional photographer takes awesome pictures of food, recipes or dishes and delivers them to his/her clients. The food images are usually used as promotional materials by restaurants and entrepreneurs. Some pictures are used by chefs or restaurant owners on their websites to entice potential customers to give their restaurant a try.

Food photography can be difficult though if you do not know where to start. There are important things to consider in food photography if you really want to excel and be successful at it.

  1. Camera and Lenses

A DSLR camera is definitely the best to use in photography. It can produce high resolution images that are worth sharing or delivering to clients. You can choose to attach a macro lens for more detailed images or a prime lens to get the best look of the food. We also recommend reading your camera’s manual just like what this wedding photographer essex always does, so you can familiarize its controls, settings and functions and you can choose the right setting for shooting food.

  1. Good lighting

Lighting is really important when taking pictures of food. Good lighting can make your food look more appealing and real. On the other hand, bad or insufficient lighting can cause your images to look boring and dark. Hence, it is recommended that you take pictures in a room where natural light from the sun can get in.

  1. Props

Props can add more life to your food image. You can either add a utensil beside your dish or include herbs, glass, or flower. Just make sure that the prop does not overpower the real subject. Look at the colors carefully before choosing which prop is the best pair for your food. Arrange the food and the props well to get the best look that can make viewers want to have a taste of your dish.

  1. Styling

Food styling is an important consideration in food photography. You need to style the food to make it appear fresh, real and mouthwatering. Present the food in a way that it will look delectable. You can add toppings or garnishing to your food so it will look more interesting. Moreover, you can choose a part of your food that you want to give emphasis or focus on.

  1. Perspective

Perspective is another important consideration when photographing food. You must choose the right angles to position yourself and your camera. Think of what kind of shot you really want to achieve before actually shooting images of the food. Even other professional photographers, such as this Hampshire wedding photographer, shoot in different perspectives and are not afraid to take pictures from various angles.

Keep in mind that you want the food to appear fresh and delectable. Hence it is important for you to shoot fast before the food gets spoiled or ruined. Shoot plenty as well so you have many pictures to choose from.

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A Guide to Wedding Photography: What Equipment Do I Need

wedding photographyWorking on a wedding as the official photographer is a huge task. The wedding will happen only once and the moments during that time happen fast which you will need to cover correctly. It is thus important for you to bring all the right equipment to ensure that you can get the work done right.

If you are a new wedding photographer, you have to know what equipment to buy to get the shots right. Photography equipment can be costly so you must be wise in choosing so your investment is worth it. Here is a list of the basic equipment for wedding photography that you should consider buying.

  1. Primary professional camera

A DSLR camera is the best type to use for wedding photography. Full-frame DSLR cameras are fast and can give you high resolution images. You can choose from a wide range of cameras with varying prices and brands. Make sure to familiarize the settings, modes, features and everything about your camera when using it for the first time.

  1. Backup camera

A backup camera is always necessary when working on a wedding. If your primary camera suddenly malfunctions, you can still continue shooting with your backup camera. Your second camera does not have to be the most advanced, an entry level will do. Remember that if you cannot afford a camera, you have the option to rent one. Make sure to find time to study it first before the scheduled wedding. Follow the lead of this London wedding photographer who always masters his new camera before using.

  1. Interchangeable lenses

There are 3 kinds of lenses that are recommended for wedding photographers to use: prime lens, zoom lens and wide angle.

A zoom lens is best to use for shooting discreetly at a distance to avoid disturbing the ceremony and distracting the guests. A 50 or 85 mm lens either f/1.2, f/1.4 or f/1.8 is suitable for taking portrait pictures of the couple and the guests. Meanwhile, a wide angle lens is often used for shooting images of the wedding venue or taking group photos.

  1. Tripod

A tripod is an important accessory that photographers use to provide stability to your camera and avoid camera shakes. You can use this during weddings when taking formal couple or group shots.

  1. Batteries

Full-charged batteries are important to bring during weddings. You will be shooting plenty of pictures and battery drain usually happens. You need to bring spare batteries that you can replace to your drained batters so you can continue shooting and cover the entire wedding.

  1. Memory cards

Memory cards are a must bring for wedding photographers. You must have enough storage for all the images you captured especially if you shoot in RAW like these wedding photographers dorset. Shooting in RAW takes a lot of space in your memory card hence, you have to get ready for it.

  1. Camera bag

A camera is definitely important for you to bring. Do not just hang your camera on your shoulders. You need to protect your prized cameras, lenses and other accessories inside a dependable camera bag. With a great camera, you can lengthen the life of your valuable photography equipment.

By having these 7 basic items, you are good to go and work on your first wedding. Make sure to practice often and prepare well in ever wedding event you are assigned to work on.


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Six Helpful Tips For Better Photography

photography tipsTaking pictures is easy. You can just pull out your camera and shoot images of the subject you want. But then, producing amazing pictures is a different story. It requires some skills and knowledge in professional photography. Not all of us can deliver wonderful images even if we have the most advanced cameras. We still need to know the techniques, method or tips on how to improve our photography and get the brilliant photos we desire to have.

Here are seven helpful tips for aspiring photographers and photo hobbyists who want to be better in photography.

  1. Know everything about your camera

Since your primary gear is a DSLR camera, then you have to know how to get the most out of it. Start with the camera manual for this is where you can get more accurate information about what the specifications of your camera. You have to learn and understand the different settings, shooting modes, functions and features available in your unit. . If you are unfamiliar with the photography terms like aperture and shutter speed, then you should also study them and learn how each term can be applied when shooting.

  1. Practice as frequent as you can

Nothing beats frequent practice for even great photographers like this wedding photographer Nottingham continue to practice shooting whenever possible. If you really want to improve your photography and gain the required skills, then you have to seriously find time to practice. Shoot as often as you can because in doing so you will know what techniques work, how to adjust the settings depending on the situation and many others.

  1. Find the right light

Light is vital in photos because it can make an image look brilliant or a disaster. You have to study where or when you can get the right light when shooting. You must know what techniques you can apply if light is insufficient in a particular location. Low light situation is among the problems encountered by amateur photographers. They do not know how to let the light pass in to their camera. Among the ways to counter this is to adjust the setting adjustments of your and so again familiarizing your camera is important.

  1. Master a photo editing program

An image-editing program can help enhance your photos. There are times that even professional cannot get their pictures balanced or perfect so they need to use a program like Photoshop or Lightroom to fix their captured images. Mastering a photo-editing program can help you produce the perfect images you want. You can enhance the photos to get the result you want.

  1. Observe other photographers

Taking notice of how the photographers you look up to work can give you ideas on the best ways to get the shots done. Observe how they carry their camera, how they choose the locations, angles and even the lenses they use. You can even offer to become an assistant to a professional shooter like this Seattle wedding photographer in an event so you will know how they are able to produce brilliant pictures.

  1. Attend a workshop or photography class

Attending workshops or enrolling in a photography school, of course, has a lot of advantages especially when it comes to capturing your subject the right way. Your instructor in photography can share with you the knowledge you need to better understand photography particularly the type you want to focus on.

If you are really passionate about photography, then go ahead and apply the tips mentioned on how to improve your photography. With passion and determination, you will surely succeed in becoming a renowned professional photographer.

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The top 3 things you must do when booking a wedding photographer

Wedding photography is perhaps one of the most lucrative businesses that deals with photography. These days, there are many photographers who have decided to specialize in wedding photography for the potential income they will get to have from it.

As a couple making those wedding plans, it is a certainty that you will be overwhelmed with the many photographers out there who would vie to get your services, each of them offering attractive wedding packages and promos. And with the prevalence of the internet, especially the social media, and how many photographers are using this venue, it can be overwhelming and confusing on your end as a client still shopping around for that photographer to hire.


Your wedding is a special and once in a lifetime moment that deserves much attention and preparation. That level of attention and preparation should be given in choosing your photographer. While there may be differing considerations with regards to the packages you seek for in a photographer, it is imperative that you do the following 3 things to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience with your photographer, whoever it would be.

  1. Prepare a list of questions to ask the wedding photographer

Before your first appointment with the photographer, you need to prepare a list of important questions to ask. You can ask about the photographer’s photography style, experience, equipment, backup plans, when the prints would be ready, and similar questions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions related to your wedding preparations as well. If you have no idea what to ask, there are some sites that have a prepared list that you can refer to for the questions you should ask.

Of all the questions though, always remember to ask first if the photographer is available on your chosen wedding date. If he’s not free on that day, then you’d better move on and meet with other photographers who would be available for that date.

  1. Choose and book as early as possible

When you and your partner have already chosen a date for your wedding, get moving and start finding a wedding photographer. The more popular wedding photographers get booked as early as over a year before the wedding date. So as soon as you found your wedding photographer, make the booking at the earliest time possible. Some would recommend eight months before the wedding date would be the latest in booking a wedding photographer.

photographer-791269_1280 (1)

  1. Understand the contract before signing it.

Firstly, it is important that your wedding photographer, whether it’s someone like Mark Seymour Photography or someone else, must provide a contract of the service he will provide you. Never ever deal with photographers who are unable to provide you such contract, otherwise you will be dealing with potential headaches, not to mention the danger that you would be scammed of your money by the photographer by way of non-appearance or provide less than quality output which does not equate to the money you paid for his/her services.

The contract is usually prepared by the photographer but it is flexible enough to be open to whatever changes that would be made that would make it amenable to both parties, namely yourself and the photographer. If there are portions in the contract that you are not in agreement with, then be upfront and politely ask for it to be changed. As always, you need to read the contract thoroughly before finally signing the agreement.

By booking the right wedding photographer, you can be assured that you will have quality, wonderful wedding pictures that will make such a memorable occasion even more memorable for years to come.

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6 Ways to Get Ahead in the Photography Business

professional photoghraphyIn the past, many parents are not in favor of having their children take a course in photography. They do not want their child to become a professional photographer for they think photography is not a profitable industry to get in. But nowadays, parents have come to realize how wonderful photography is.

Becoming a photographer or starting your own photography business is challenging and the competition is quite tight. But then, it can be fulfilling once you become successful at it. Here are several effective ways to get ahead in the photography business.

  1. Know your market

There are many types of photography that a photographer can choose to specialize in. You have to carefully study each before deciding on what photography service to offer. Among the types you can choose from are wedding photography, newborn photography and portrait photography. Once you have set your mind on what to focus on, then you can start creating a strong marketing or business plan.

  1. Learn the latest technology and take advantage of it.

Are you aware that there are social media websites that can help you promote your business? Do you know that the Internet can be a wonderful method of reaching out to potential customer? Well, you can get ahead in photography if you know what is the newest in photography like the most recent photography apps, cameras, photo equipment and even the latest shooting techniques.

  1. Set reasonable rates for your packages

There are rates that you should set for each package and services you are offering. Make sure that the rates you are offering are reasonable and competitive. Study first the market including your competitors so you can set rates that is acceptable to many.

  1. Build wonderful relationships

Be nice to everyone you meet along the way even to your fellow photographers. You can compete but in a fair and positive way. Having an awesome personality and positive outlook in life can get you a long way in this business. Keep in mind that word of mouth still matters even in this modern day. If you are nice to the people you work with or work for, they can possibly recommend you to clients looking for a wedding photographer cambrigeshire or similar.

  1. Provide the best experience to your customers

If you want to be remembered by your customers, you should work hard in every project that you get hired for. By doing so, not only are you creating a good impression for your business but you are adding more credibility to you and your business. Your past customers will feel delighted by the wonderful services you gave and you can request to include them in your list of references.

  1. Think of an off-season source of income

You may have tons of customers during summer and spring, from portrait photography to the most challenging occasions like wedding events but do not be surprised if during winter or autumn, you have fewer customers. You have to be ready for such seasons. Consider undergoing a photography workshop to further hone your skills and learn other types of photography. By learning various techniques, you can offer more services so that you can plan on what services to offer depending on the season.

No matter how tight the competition is, you can still get ahead by planning your business carefully and strategizing effectively.

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A Guide To Macro Photography

Macro photography is defined as the type of photography that focuses on capturing small objects. It could be an insect or some small creature, a fine detail of an object, anything small that may catch your fancy.

It is also a challenging type of photography as well as there are specific settings to learn and equipment needed to accomplish it. Today, we shall be talking more about macro photography in depth as to how you can accomplish this type of photography.



The most important piece of equipment you would need for macro is the optics. In particular, you would need a lens that can move far away from the sensor since the subject is very close to the lens.

As such, most lenses cannot focus because the elements inside the lens are optimized for “regular” shooting and cannot deliver high quality when the nodal point is too far from the lens. Also, as the nodal point gains distance from the sensor, less light is hitting the sensor. If the lens was rated at, say. f/1.8 for “regular” photographs, it may not be able to deliver f/1.8 when the nodal point is that far away from the sensor.

To optimize your camera’s performance in macro photography, your camera should be equipped with macro lenses which are optimized for shooting at close focusing distances, less limited in getting the nodal point away from the sensor.

Another piece of equipment that can is useful to provide macro functionality is the macro extension tube. It is a circular elements that connect between the camera and the lens.

If you have limited budget to buy such equipment, there are less expensive alternatives. One of them would be the macro filters. There is also the method of reversing the lens which makes it gain macro abilities to an extent.

Another method is using two lenses to create a macro effect somewhat similar to the setup  that microscopes use. The first lens creates the image and the second one makes it bigger. You connect the lenses using a coupling ring and step-up rings if needed.


When you shoot macro you have a very limited depth of field. With that shallow depth of field every change in the camera to object distance is crucial and can throw the subject into the blurred zone so you want to make sure that both the subject and the camera stays still, which is what a tripod is for.



With the settings in place for macro photography, one drawback with these settings is that light becomes too minimal to capture your subject well. But fortunately, there is a way to overcome the lack of light: strobes.

Strobes put out lots of light, sometimes too much light that you may need to dial the settings down. Another challenge is the light from the strobes can sometimes create unnecessary shadows. That is why it is important to place a diffused strobe pretty close to the subject, and another is using a ring flash.


First things first, as it is often reminded, you should set your camera to manual focus. With a limited depth of field, as a photographer like Russell Neal, you should be the one calling the creative calls (i.e. what’s in focus) and not depend on the location of the focus sensor in your camera. Proper composition is important.

Tip: If there is a subject you wish to capture from a different or position, it would be very difficult doing so by moving the camera. Instead, reframe by moving subject instead. Just remember to re-focus.

How about the shallow depth of field problem? The good news is that it is completely doable. The bad news is this solution requires some work.

This work is called focus stacking is a method that combines the focused areas from a sequence of images, like different parts of an image then combining them into a single image through software.

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How Couples Should Select a Professional Photographer for Their Wedding

wedding photographyEngaged couples are normally excited for their wedding. They need to prepare and plan for life event which may only happen to them once. These couples would love to cherish the moments of their wedding and reminisce years from now how romantic, solemn or fun the wedding was. To help them receive memorable and brilliant wedding pictures, they need to hire a professional wedding photographer who can deliver the beautiful wedding photos they want.

Listed below are some helpful tips on how couples should select a professional wedding photographer.

  1. Do a background research

As a start, find several wedding photographer from friends’ recommendations or by visiting website. Do a background checks of each photographer to asses initially who seems fit to cover your wedding. You can talk to them over the phone to set an appointment and during the appointment examine their work portfolio and some complete wedding album of his/her past clients.

  1. Manage your own expectations

Couples should keep in mind that weddings vary and there are essex wedding photographers who stand out because of their creativity or uniqueness. You have to totally know what you want or what you expect so you can voice it out to your wedding photographer. If possible, write down specific details like what photography style you want, what products you desire to get and even

  1. Set a budget range

Since there are too many wedding expenses to incur during this special event, you have to be wise in allocating your wedding budget. Set a wedding budget depending on what is the reasonable wedding photographer’s fee in you are. Stay within the budget range and do not try to go beyond the maximum you have set.

  1. Shortlist a few photographers

Never limit yourself into interviewing only several photographers. Start with many an eventually shortlist a few, maybe 3 to 4 photographers before making a final choice. Remember to consider the personality of the photographer. Does he/she seem nice? Are you comfortable working with him/her? Do you think he/she can mingle well with the guests?

  1. Check and compare different wedding packages

Most photographers offer different wedding photography packages. The packages usually vary in terms of the products to be delivered, number of shots to be taken and number of photographers who will work in the wedding. You have to carefully check and compare the prices and other details of each package. Inquire as well if the photographer is open to changing a wedding photography package based on your needs.

  1. Make your choice at least 6 months before the wedding

Once you are engaged, you can already start looking for a wedding photographer. Great wedding photographers normally get booked fast so it is best to start with your search and appointment setting early. Once you have found the wedding photographer you like, ask for a wedding contract, read it before both of you sign it. You must be able to formally hire a wedding photographer at least 6 months before your wedding.

Be extra meticulous when choosing a wedding photographer. Remember that your wedding photos will be kept and shared even after many years later. You have to look great in the pictures and this can only be possible when you hire the right wedding photographer.

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Want To Be Good In Street Photography? Heed These Tips!

Street photography may be seen by some as an “easy” genre that a photographer like one of those Wedding Photographers Los Angeles, will have little difficulty mastering, but it involves a lot of elements that the photographer must consider in order to capture good street photos. If you are someone who is looking into becoming good in street photographer, here are some tips that you should bear in mind as you start.


  1. Get started and practice street photography in areas that you know well. It could be your neighborhood or a place that you often hang out or wander in. Wherever it may be, you already know the ins and outs, the things going on there, some of them maybe others may not be aware of. So start capturing those things with your lens and create some good photography in the process, learning to hone your craft along the way


Eventually as you get better, you will be able to go into those areas you don’t know well and manage to capture some great photography with the skills you have you honed when you started out in the place you knew well.

  1. Consider the types of images that you can relate to. It may be scenes of people in their daily lives, it could be still life on the streets. In essence, the things you wish to shoot become a representation of you and how you think, so make sure you are able to convey your thoughts or feelings in every image that you will shoot.

Admittedly, this is a skill that takes time to develop. It’s not a skill that will happen overnight but by years of practice and experience. Take your time to develop them and you will become better in what you do.

  1. Strive to stories over multiple images. One of the characteristics that make street photography stand out is that you are able to create a body of work that is consistent, whether or not the images were taken in the same area or of the same content. You can tell a story through the images you shoot.

You can think of these ideas ahead of time, but it would be better to practice a more consistent photography style for a long stretch of time, then spend time reviewing and editing your work, while keeping your mind open to what the images will tell you, eventually guiding you to the story that would be told.


  1. Shoot more than just interesting people walking down the streets. One common mistake many street photographers do is to capture images of people walking down the street where nothing is happening. Street photography is about telling a story, and it has to be evident in the photo, whether it may be an idea, an emotion, or an expression. Whatever it may be, highlight those elements well in your photos to make them stand out from the usual “people walking” photos that many street photographers tend to shoot.
  1. Take into consideration about the things that will change and how people will see your photographs years from now. As they say, the only permanent thing in this world is change, and someday your photos will become invaluable resource for future generation to learn what life was like during your time. So when you capture those images today, capture them with a sense of wonder and appreciation In mind and future generations will feel that same wonder looking at your photo, even long after the image in question has changed or no longer standing by that time.
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How to Become an Efficient Event Photographer

event photographerAre you interested in becoming a professional event photographer? Do you find this type of photography easier than the others? Do you think it is a lucrative business that is worth getting into? Well, if you are seriously considering a career as an event photographer, then you should know the ways on how to become an efficient one.

Here are some tips for beginner event photographers like you who desire to become a professional photographer.

  1. Create your own identity

You need to set a name for your business and apply marketing strategies to expose your business to the public. Prepare your business cards, leaflets and other marketing materials so you can give or use them whenever necessary. You need to plan really well on how much you will charge, what services you will offer. Moreover, you need to create a name that will set you apart from other event photographers.

  1. Treat each project differently

As an event photographer you will be hired to cover birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries and different kinds of events. There are no big or small events, you should consider all events as equally important but try to make each shoot unique from other events. Know every important detail for each event so you can plan ahead on how to best handle it or take unique shots.

  1. Practice whenever you can

During your free time, try to practice different kind of shots. You can get ideas online or from skilled photographers of Gareth Newstead Photography. You can also experiment on your own and never be afraid to do something new. Familiarize also your cameras and lenses especially if they are new so you can adjust them accordingly.

  1. Join workshops or take a course

Taking photography courses related on shooting events can help you become more efficient in your job. Find time to get formal training and even join photography workshops for it can surely help you gain the right skills expected from an event photographer. Even as years pass, you need to still be open in learning new knowledge for you to be always in the loop. Learning is a continuous process so you need to be always ready to learn something new and maybe later get into wedding photography essex.

  1. Be accessible at all times

Clients love it when they can easily reach you. Be accessible via email, phone or thru your social media accounts or your own website. Set time to answer questions from clients for they will really appreciate it if you try to accommodate them. Satisfied clients will most likely hire you again or recommend your services to their friends or family who are looking for an event photographer.

  1. Talk to your client in person

It is important for an event photographer to meet and discuss things with their client in person. Everything should be clear between two parties so there will be no confusion or argument later. Ensure also that you have a written agreement understood and signed by you and the client so everything will flow smoothly.

Through time, effort and determination, becoming an event photographer can be less difficult and you can be an efficient event photographer in no time.

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10 Wedding Moments Every Wedding Photographer Should Not Miss

Weddings are one of the most important celebrations in a person’s life. As such, wedding photographers like Russell Neal have the unenviable task of making sure every important moment of such a celebration gets to be captured.

Granted that there are many moments to choose from, if one would not which moment matters most, there is a chance that at least one important moment would be missed, creating an incomplete wedding experience that no one would want to have. Thus, we have prepared the 10 most important shots that must be captured during the wedding to serve as a handy guide for both the photographer and the couple to ensure that an event as memorable as wedding is captured extensively well, with no important missed in the process.

The Wedding Ceremony

  1. The procession of the bridal party

This moment marks the beginning of the wedding ceremony proper, so it is important that this is captured. In particular, the moment the flower girl and the ring bearer walk the aisle is worthy to capture, especially if these roles are played by children which would provide a moment of cuteness.

2. The bride marches down the aisle

To say the least, the moment the bride enters and walks down the aisle is a magical moment that cannot be expressed in mere words. It also shows the bride at her most radiant and most graceful that makes this moment picture-worthy, so to speak.

  1. The bride and the groom meeting at the altar


Symbolically, this moment is a transition period in which the bride and the groom would meet for the last time as boyfriend and girlfriend onwards to their first moment to come as husband and wife. For both of them, it is a moment mixed with excitement, nervousness, and joy, emotions that should be captured as an important part of the ceremony and of their lives as well.

  1. Recital of vows of the bride and the groom

This is an important part of the wedding ceremony in which both the bride and the groom express their promises of love and faithfulness to each other. It is a sincere moment that never fails to tug the heartstrings.

  1. The exchange of rings between the bride and the groom

This is also another important part of the wedding ceremony that carries a lot of meaning. No words are necessary as the act itself is enough to show that the bride and the groom are now ready to face a new chapter in their lives together as a married couple. For this moment, it is important that the action of the hands are captured clearly.

  1. The kiss

wedding-929293_1280 (1)

Of course, this is the most well-known and the most anticipated part of the ceremony, the highlight of the event for that matter. Nothing else needs to be said but it is important that this moment is captured as perfect as possible.

The Wedding Reception

  1. Sipping of the champagne by the bride and the groom

This is one of the traditions of the wedding reception that should not be missed as it serves to celebrate the union of the bride and the groom as newlyweds as well as the hope of a blissful and fruitful union of the two.

  1. First dance of the bride and the groom

This moment never fails to provide a romantic atmosphere as the newlyweds do what is considered their first romantic act as husband and wife. It is considered a sweet and lovely spectacle, not to mention a milestone that deserves to be recorded.

  1. The bride and the groom cut the wedding cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the oldest wedding traditions that has managed to survive over the centuries, which further stresses its significance. It is also one of the most symbolic as it symbolizes the continuity of their relationship, their support for each other, and hopes for good luck and fortune.

  1. The bouquet toss

It is one of the most popular highlights of the wedding reception and also the most fun part as well. It would be hard to miss capturing the smiles and the “competitive spirit” of the women who will try to catch the bouquet.

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