7 Top Tips for Great Group Portraits in Weddings

wedding photographyWedding photos are important not only for the couple but for their relatives and guests as well. These wedding photos bring fond memories of the beautiful union even after many years have passed. Looking at your brilliant photos will make you realize that you made a great decision to get a professional wedding photographer and not just an average shooter.

Professional wedding photographers can produce unique, creative and various types of wedding shots. Some are shots of the couples which can be formal or candid while others can be family or group portraits. The couple is not the only one who is conscious of how they look. Even the guests would like to look fab in the pictures. And one way to ensure that everyone looks fresh and gorgeous in the wedding photos is to take group portraits before the wedding starts.

In weddings, the wedding photographer will have a sincere talk with the client and every detail related to wedding photography will be discussed. More often than not, the clients are asked by the photographer on what their expectations are and if there are specific shots they want not to be missed.

Couple and group portrait shots are usually done an hour or two before the wedding. For the couple shots, it won’t be too much of a problem for the photographer. Now, when it comes to shooting a group, this can be a little difficult for the wedding photographer especially if he/she is new to it and is not used to handling group portrait shots.

Below are 7 top tips for great group portraits in weddings that can hopefully help newbie wedding photographers.

  1. Talk to the couple

Ask the couple if they have a wedding group shot list that they want you to follow. If there’s none, you can request for one or if the couple is too busy seek help from a relative in deciding what group shots to take.

  1. Do it fast and efficiently

Some people tend to easily get bored so you will need to compose your image fast before the subjects become uncooperative. Make sure the location or scene is ready before helping the subjects with the poses and position. Shoot fast but make sure you have done it efficiently.

  1. Limit your shots

Too many shots of one group can be a waste of time. Limit it to 2-4 takes per group shot so no guest will have to wait their turn for a long time.

  1. Have a go-to person

A go-to person is someone who can assist you in calling out members need for a group shot. He/she must be a relative of the couple or someone who knows most of the wedding guests. This can help reduce the time spent in looking or calling out of people for a shot. If possible, share with the go-to person your list before the wedding so he/she can possibly contact members earlier.

  1. Start from big groups to smaller ones

Take shots first of big groups and smaller groups will come later. Big groups can be the close and distant relatives from each side then you can let the others leave and the closest relatives will remain for the smaller group shots. The close relatives are expected to be more cooperative and patient so it won’t mind waiting for a while.

  1. Use a tripod

A tripod is an essential accessory when taking group portraits. You can better compose or plan your shots with the help of a tripod. You can just place your camera on it then help the guests with their poses before clicking for a shot.

  1. Have a backup plan

A backup plan should be in place in case something wrong will happen or things don’t turn out the way you want them to be. You can think of an alternative location in case it suddenly rains or plan on what accessories to bring in case the sun is too bright when you shoot outside.

Don’t forget to check the background before you take group portraits. Make sure there are no unwanted objects that can possibly ruin your image. By applying these tips, you can come up with better group portraits in weddings.

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