5 Important Things to Consider in Food Photography

food photography tipsHave you noticed how food can look appetizing in the actual but less mouthwatering in pictures? Well, this usually happens when the photo shooter has no knowledge in food photography.

In food photography, a professional photographer takes awesome pictures of food, recipes or dishes and delivers them to his/her clients. The food images are usually used as promotional materials by restaurants and entrepreneurs. Some pictures are used by chefs or restaurant owners on their websites to entice potential customers to give their restaurant a try.

Food photography can be difficult though if you do not know where to start. There are important things to consider in food photography if you really want to excel and be successful at it.

  1. Camera and Lenses

A DSLR camera is definitely the best to use in photography. It can produce high resolution images that are worth sharing or delivering to clients. You can choose to attach a macro lens for more detailed images or a prime lens to get the best look of the food. We also recommend reading your camera’s manual just like what this wedding photographer essex always does, so you can familiarize its controls, settings and functions and you can choose the right setting for shooting food.

  1. Good lighting

Lighting is really important when taking pictures of food. Good lighting can make your food look more appealing and real. On the other hand, bad or insufficient lighting can cause your images to look boring and dark. Hence, it is recommended that you take pictures in a room where natural light from the sun can get in.

  1. Props

Props can add more life to your food image. You can either add a utensil beside your dish or include herbs, glass, or flower. Just make sure that the prop does not overpower the real subject. Look at the colors carefully before choosing which prop is the best pair for your food. Arrange the food and the props well to get the best look that can make viewers want to have a taste of your dish.

  1. Styling

Food styling is an important consideration in food photography. You need to style the food to make it appear fresh, real and mouthwatering. Present the food in a way that it will look delectable. You can add toppings or garnishing to your food so it will look more interesting. Moreover, you can choose a part of your food that you want to give emphasis or focus on.

  1. Perspective

Perspective is another important consideration when photographing food. You must choose the right angles to position yourself and your camera. Think of what kind of shot you really want to achieve before actually shooting images of the food. Even other professional photographers, such as this Hampshire wedding photographer, shoot in different perspectives and are not afraid to take pictures from various angles.

Keep in mind that you want the food to appear fresh and delectable. Hence it is important for you to shoot fast before the food gets spoiled or ruined. Shoot plenty as well so you have many pictures to choose from.

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